2022 AGM Minutes

Hi All,

Please find attached the minutes from this years Annual General Meeting held on 20th July 2022.

2022 AGM Minutes

The major discussion this year involved the recertification process and several changes have been made:

  1. Members are reminded that the recertification process is not a reassessment, it merely demonstrates to the TCIA executive team your proof of activity in the industry. It is the individual members responsibility to gauge and assess their own level of current skill and competency, make sure you only operate within your current experience and competence level for all employment. If you are feeling rusty, take time to practice your setup, operational and rescue skills prior to working and as always, contact the TCIA if you have any questions.
  2. To address the chronic number of late recertifications and the ongoing burden to our volunteer executive team in chasing these up, effective for the 2023 recertification cycle, membership fees will be increasing for anyone that tries to recertify after they have expired and a hard deadline of 3 months past your expiry will now be enforced. This is intended to fund the extra work involved in chasing late recertifications and hopefully encourage more timely actions by our members to ensure they remain current in their qualifications.
    • Those members who recertify prior to expiry on June 30th will still only pay $100 for two years.
    • Members that have let their qualification expire, and wish to recertify between July 1st and September 30th will now be charged $150 for their two year renewal.
    • All members that remain uncertified past September 30th will be deemed fully expired and will require reassessment if they wish to reacquire their qualification.

Maintaining the currency of your membership is your responsibility. The TCIA has made significant efforts over the last 10 years to chase a high proportion of our members to encourage them to maintain their qualifications – this will not continue.

Going forward, the TCIA will contact all members that we have current contact details for 3 months prior to expiry (i.e. end of March/start of April) to remind you of the recertification process. It is intended that all recertifications should be lodged by the end of May, so that the Membership Secretary has the month of June to process these, ensuring all members are recertified by the time they would otherwise expire. The hard deadline of September 30th gives you a window of 6 months to address any concerns.

As with all other licenses and qualifications that require periodic renewal, the onus is on you, the holder of the qualification, to maintain it. Please check here: http://tcia.asn.au/instructor-contacts/ to see your current expiry date and make a note in your calendar to check this every year.

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