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2019 AGM Minutes

Hi All,

Please find attached the minutes from this years Annual General Meeting held on 31st July 2019.

TCIA AGM 2019 Minutes

There were two significant points for existing members:

1) The requirement for all instructors that work on indoor climbing walls to hold the specific ICG qualification, due to the many idiosyncrasies encountered in the indoor environment (note: this has not been included by default in ‘outdoor’ qualifications for some years now). To facilitate existing members getting up to speed, the TCIA will allow TRA/SPG/MPG instructors to join any two day ICG training and assessment course that has available positions for just $100. This offer will be valid till the end of 2020, but don’t wait too long, as available positions will be limited.

2) Upgrading your “old TRA” to SPG. TCIA members that qualified as a TRA prior to 2013 were assessed to include some basic aspects of single-pitch climbing (but not all), as we did not offer a specific SPG qualification. This changed ~2013 when the SPG qualification was offered to bring us inline with other institutions throughout the country. All TRA qualifications since then have not incluced any aspects of single-pitch climbing. To aid those directly affected by this, the TCIA will be offering FREE assessment sessions for “old TRA” members to upgrade to the current SPG qualification during any assessment event where an assessment session is available. Once again this is a limited time offer, and must be redeemed by the end of 2020.


Please get in touch with the secretary ASAP to take advantage of these assessments.