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For an explanation of the qualifications offered by the TCIA, see the accreditation page.

Due to the low guide to participant ratios required for climbing/abseiling instruction and assessment, the current rates for TCIA services are:

  • $225/day for all training days for ICG, BAI, TRA, SPG and Climbing Skills Courses where ratios are at least 2:5 (2 guides to 5 participants)
  • $275/day for training days with a ratio of 1:2 – usually only SPG/MPG Courses
  • $500/day for all 1:1 training
  • $275/session for assessment in BAI/TRA/SPG (each session is approximately 4 hours)
  • $500/day for assessment in MPG

* all courses have limited spaces available, please make sure to book and pay for your course at least two weeks prior to the courses advertised date to guarantee your spot.

Special : Indoor Climbing Guide training and assessment run on two consecutive days (with a ratio of at least 5:2) will be only $425 per participant.

Our more advanced courses assume a certain level of knowledge, please discuss this with the secretary prior to booking onto a course.

Note: These costs are calculated on the assumption of training and assessment being run at the Lassie’s Wall area (Freycinet) or in the Hobart/Launceston area over a scheduled TCIA training and assessment weekend. Alterations to location, guide:participant ratios or indeed group bookings, may lead to a change in course costs.

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