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Due to the low guide to participant ratios required for climbing/abseiling instruction and assessment, the current rates for TCIA services are:

  • $225/day for all training days for ICG, BAI, TRA, SPG and Climbing Skills Courses where ratios are at least 2:5 (2 guides to 5 participants)
  • $275/day for training days with a ratio of 1:2 – usually only SPG/MPG Courses
  • $500/day for all 1:1 training
  • $275/session for assessment in BAI/TRA/SPG (each session is approximately 4 hours)
  • $500/day for assessment in MPG

Special : Indoor Climbing Guide training and assessment run on two consecutive days (with a ratio of at least 5:2) will be only $425 per participant.

Our more advanced courses assume a certain level of knowledge, please discuss this with the secretary prior to booking onto a course.

Note: These costs are calculated on the assumption of training and assessment being run at the Lassie’s Wall area (Freycinet) or in the Hobart/Launceston area over a scheduled TCIA training and assessment weekend. Alterations to location, guide:participant ratios or indeed group bookings, may lead to a change in course costs.

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