Indoor Climbing Guide (ICG) Training and Assessment

This is a qualification for teachers, school administrators and outdoor leaders to safely facilitate indoor climbing sessions. This qualification is not transferrable to the outdoors.

Candidates are expected to:

  • Demonstrate simple climbing skills on artificial surfaces (SROCLA001A)
  • Apply climbing skills on artificial surfaces (SROCLA002A)
  • Establish belays for climbing on artificial surfaces (SROCLA003A)
  • Guide climbing activities on artificial surfaces (SROCLA008A)
  • Perform vertical rescues (SROVTR001A)

The training and assessment takes two days and costs $400, providing adequate numbers.

To apply for assessment:

1.Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

2. To become affiliated remember to include:

  • Provide a log book showing current climbing experience.
  • Provide evidence of current first aid qualification (HLTAID003 Apply first aid or wilderness first aid or equivalent) and current CPR certificate.
  • Pay $100 membership to the TCIA (valid for 2 years) [Direct Deposit Info].


Cost for 2 Day course with assessment $400, minimum 3 Participants

Course Dates:

Contact the Secretary to discuss scheduled dates.

Extra Information: