Multi-Pitch Guide (MPG) Training


This is a one day course offered at Freycinet. The course covers technical content required to pass the MPG Qualification. It has an emphasis on guiding skills, with safety and quality of client experience being the underlying theme. Complex vertical rescues are practiced including counter-balance abseil and raises. Whilst the content is aimed at preparing candidates for the MPG qualification, it is equally as useful for recreational climbers who seek the ability to safely and efficiently guide (and rescue) others.

Material covered includes:

  • Briefing clients
  • Safely and efficiently offering a quality experience to clients on multi-pitch climbs
  • Maximising efficiency through belay placement and management
  • Performing complex vertical rescues
  • Group management, safety and environmental issues

Course Information

Course cost is $200 per day, assuming a 1:2 guide ratio.

Due to the technical nature of these courses a prerequisite level of knowledge is required. This includes:

  • Top Rope Abseiling qualification or equivalent level of knowledge.

To Enrol

Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

Next Course Dates

Consult the Training Calendar for the next MPG training dates. These will be the same as the standard seasonal weekend training and assessment dates.