Single-Pitch Guide (SPG) Training


This is a one or two day course offered at Freycinet. The course content includes a basic outline of all technical content required to pass the the SPG qualification. The TCIA highly recommends attending one of these training courses prior to assessment.

The course covers:

  • Placing and evaluating artificial protection (nuts, camming devices etc)
  • Building anchors
  • Belay methods using ATC guide or assisted belay devices
  • Instruction on group management and safety, environmental issues to consider and briefing components required for SPG lead climbing conditions
  • Raising and lowering rescues specific to SPG conditions
  • Guiding single-pitch trad routes with easy access to the top and bottom

Cost – see here.

Due to the technical nature of this course a prerequisite level of knowledge is required. This includes:

  • Ability to tie a range of knots and hitches (figure 8, figure 8 on the bight, clove hitch, tape knot, Italian hitch, double-fishermans, bowline).
  • Basic knowledge of rigging anchor points.

To Enrol

Fill in an expression of interest or contact the Secretary.

Course Dates

Consult the Training Calendar for the next SPG Training dates. Extra dates will be scheduled as required.

Extra Information

The following information will help candidates get a feel for the nature of the TCIA as an organisation and the content of the assessment: