Multi-Pitch Guide (MPG) Assessment

Assuming the candidate already holds a current TCIA TRA qualification, assessment requires a further two days. The assessment is conducted at a minimum of two venues (usually Freycinet for one day and then another multi-pitch cliff). Candidates are required to guide the equivalent of four half day multi-pitch climbs with two clients (one of which will be the assessor). Complex vertical rescues will be assessed.

Candidates are expected to:

  • Keep themselves and their clients safe at all times.
  • Demonstrate a well engrained safety check and briefing procedures.
  • Offer a quality experience to their clients.
  • Have a high level of efficiency with regard to protection placement, rigging and rope handling skills.
  • Be proficient at responding to any emergency situation that may arise.
  • Be competent at guiding clients on multi-pitch routes.

Assessment cost is $980 for the two days. Additional assessment time and costs will be applicable if the candidate does not currently hold a TCIA TRA qualification.

To apply for assessment:

1. Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

2. Candidates are also required to formerly apply to the TCIA in order to prove their suitability for assessment. Please complete the application form and post it along with a copy of your log and $100 TCIA membership to the membership secretary at least 1 month prior to assessment.

  • TRA qualification or equivalent is a preferred prerequisite.

Remember to include:

  • Contact details of 2 referees who are happy to comment on your suitability for assessment.
  • A log book which details significant experience in instructing abseiling and top roping sessions, and details significant climbing experience on traditional routes.
  • $100 membership to the TCIA (valid for 2 years).

3. Candidates are required to organise one client for the two days of guided climbing assessment.

Course Dates:

Consult the Training Calendar for the next MPG assessment dates.

Extra dates will be scheduled as required.

Extra Information:

The following information will help candidates get a feel for the nature of the assessment: