Top Rope Abseiling Guide (TRG) Training


*Formerly known as TRA pre August 2021*

This is a one or two day course, usually offered at Freycinet. The course content includes a basic outline of all technical content required to pass the the TRG qualification. The TCIA highly recommends attending one of these training courses prior to assessment.

The course covers:

  • Selecting appropriate routes for your clients, setting up and managing top rope systems efficiently,  including the placement and evaluation of artificial protection (nuts, camming devices etc)
  • Instruction on teaching students effective belay methods using ATC or assisted belay devices, and when to use a backup belayer
  • Instruction on group management and safety, environmental issues to consider and briefing components required for TRG climbing conditions
  • Counter-balance and pick-off rescues specific to TRG conditions

Cost – see here.

To Enrol

Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

Course Dates

Consult the Training Calendar for the next scheduled training dates. Additional training can be organised on request.

Extra Information

The following information will help candidates get a feel for the nature of the TCIA as an organisation and the content of the assessment: