Single-Pitch Guide (SPG) Assessment

Assuming the candidate already holds a current TCIA TRA qualification, assessment requires a further half-day session to lead a client on a single pitch climb using artificial gear (nuts, cams etc). For SPGs it will be necessary to demonstrate proficient use of artificial gear and assisted belay devices/belay plates in guide mode (e.g. ATC guide; Petzl Gri Gri).

Candidates are expected to:

  • Keep themselves and their clients safe at all times
  • Demonstrate a well engrained safety check and briefing procedures for single-pitch guiding
  • Offer a quality experience to their clients
  • Be proficient at responding to any emergency situation that may arise
  • Be competent at guiding clients on single-pitch trad route (with easy access to the top and bottom of the climb) using artificial protection such as wires and cams

Cost – see here.

To apply for assessment

Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

A TCIA TRA qualification or equivalent is required as a prerequisite prior to SPG assessment. Please discuss with the Secretary prior to booking.

Candidates are required to organise a client who will be used for assessment.

Course Dates

Consult the Training Calendar for the next SPG Assessment dates, they are in general the set seasonal training and assessment weekends. Extra dates will be organised as required.

Extra Information

The following information will help candidates get a feel for the nature of the assessment: