To help in the administration of our association (which is done voluntarily by our executive team), members are asked to please submit recert documentation by May 31st in the year of registration expiry. See the Instructor Contacts page to see when you are due for recertification.

To address the chronic number of late recertifications and the ongoing burden to our volunteer executive team in chasing these up, effective for the 2023 recertification cycle, membership fees will be increasing for anyone that tries to recertify after they have become expired and a hard deadline of 3 months past your expiry will now be enforced. Full details can be found in the 2022 AGM minutes. In short:

    • Members who recertify prior to expiry on June 30th will still only pay $100 for two years.
    • Members that have let their qualification expire are deemed “non-current” with regard to their qualification, if they wish to recertify between July 1st and September 30th they will be charged $150 for their two year renewal.
    • All members that fail to recertify past September 30th will be deemed “fully-expired” and will require reassessment if they wish to reacquire their qualification.

Maintaining the currency of your membership and your skills is your responsibility.

When your recertification falls due, please provide logbook evidence of the following to the Membership Secretary and pay your membership dues (bank details below). Tax invoices can be issued by the treasurer at your request.

New members

Your initial TCIA assessment cost includes your first year of TCIA Membership. Which means we must see a logbook evidence of you using your skills and practicing rescues in the renewal cycle the year after you were assessed.  using the below subheadings as a guide, half the displayed minimum sessions or equivalent are required.

Questions???  Ask the Membership Secretary!

ICG – Indoor Climbing Guide
  • Instruct/guide a minimum of 10 sessions, over a two year period. *
  • If you hold an ICG qualification  alongside another TCIA qualification, you need to demonstrate instructional currency for both streams in your logbook up to the required amount.
AG – Abseil Guide 

Formerly known as BAI

  • Instruct/guide a minimum of 10 sessions, over a two year period. *
TRG – Tope Rope Guide

Formerly known as TRA

  • Instruct/guide a minimum of 10 sessions, over a two year period. *
SPG – Single Pitch Guide
  • Instruct/guide a minimum of 10 climbing sessions, over a two year period. *
  • Lead climb 20 different routes of your own climbing. A minimum of 10 of these should be traditional climbing conducted in a variety of areas. No minimum grade is specified.
MPG – Multi Pitch Guide
  • Instruct/guide a minimum of 10 climbing sessions over a two year period. *
  • Climb a minimum of 50 pitches at a variety of locations (at least half will be traditional climbing and at least half will be in a multi-pitch setting). A minimum standard of Grade 15 is required for all pitches.


* If you hold multiple accreditations (ie AG and ICG), your logbook must show a reasonable number of sessions in each stream to provide an argument for currency of skills. Members that do not have enough verifiable logged sessions may be required to resit assessment or participate in a “verification of skills” session – please discuss with the Membership Secretary.

* Members who allow their certification to lapse for Three months (ie. past September 30th in the year of renewal) will require a full reassessment prior to being recertified.

* In previous years, the TCIA has asked members to provide evidence of their current first aid qualifications when applying for recertification. In line with other outdoor professional bodies in Australia, we have made the decision to no longer require this evidence when you submit your logbook for recertification. It is, however, a community expectation that outdoor professionals hold current first aid qualifications, the TCIA strongly encourages you to pursue and maintain these to support safe work practices in both your vocational and recreational endeavours.

Electronic Log Book Proforma
Direct Deposit Information
  • BSB: 037-014
  • Account number: 238297
  • Account Name: Tas Climbing Instructors Assoc
  • Reference: {Your Name} and/or {Invoice Number}


Photos Left to Right: Tim Wheelan Moonlight Buttress 12 (Sentinel Range) (Photo Paul Scott), Northern end of White Water Wall and Light Fingered Madison Buttress (Photo Paul Scott), Paul Scott Ice Climbing Storeys Bluff (Ben Lomond) (Photo Gary Kuehn)