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A safety note regarding Waterworks Quarry in Hobart

Waterworks Quarry – Unsafe, Unstable, Unsuitable for Schools

Due to ongoing frequent, unpredictable and substantial rock fall, the TCIA policy has for some time been that the Waterworks Quarry is categorically not suitable as an instructional venue by school, college or similar dependant groups. By any standard, the rock is unstable and unsafe for climbing other than by experienced recreational climbers who can understand and assess the risk.

We understand that the location of the Waterworks Quarry makes it possible for half day class visits that fit the constraints of school or college timetables. However, this convenience must not be allowed to put student safety at risk. Members are reminded that they are required to conduct risk assessments prior to conducting any abseiling or climbing activity, and any such assessment should exclude the Waterworks Quarry on several safety criteria.

In the event of an accident resulting from the unstable nature of the rock at Waterworks Quarry, the TCIA would not support any member in charge of a group, in any resulting enquiry or inquest.