Top Rope Abseiling Guide (TRG) Assessment

*Formerly known as TRA pre August 2021*

Assuming the candidate already holds a current TCIA AG qualification, assessment requires a further half-day session to safely run a Top Rope session for a group of clients. Candidates will be required to select appropriate climbing routes at the location assigned to them (based on client experience), rigging two separate top rope systems in a reasonable time frame. These systems will then be used to run a safe top roping session with 3-6 clients.  Vertical rescues, such as prusic-up and counter-balance down, or a top-down pick-off,  will be assessed.

Candidates are expected to:

  • Keep themselves and their clients safe at all times
  • Demonstrate well ingrained safety checks and briefing procedures
  • Offer a quality experience to their clients
  • Be proficient at responding to any emergency situation that could arise

Cost – see here.

To apply for assessment

Fill in an expression of interest and contact the Secretary.

A TCIA AG qualification or equivalent is required as a co-requisite prior to being awarded a TRG qualification. As mentioned above, this may be completed on the same assessment weekend as your TRG assessment. Please discuss with the Secretary prior to booking.

Candidates are required to organise 3-6 clients who will be used for assessment.

Course Dates

Consult the Training Calendar for the next scheduled assessment dates. Additional assessment sessions can also be arranged on request.

Extra Information

The following information will help candidates get a feel for the nature of the TCIA as an organisation and the content of the assessment: